Launch Your First Live Event With Ease

Ignore what everyone else is doing and create a unique experience for your attendees.  Grab your planning guide.



Learn about the do's and don'ts and you plan your live event.  This 1-pager puts you in the right direction.

Download issue 002 of the Events Unlocked Guide to  see a recap of the live events that happened in 2019.

Ask yourself these eight questions before you purchase your conference ticket.  Don’t be unsure, be confident.

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If you're a first-time organizer and need support with creating a unique live event for creatives, I can help you with that.


I'm Makeda, founder of Events Unlocked.  I help my clients create unique in-person experiences for their attendees through my focused intensives and comprehensive planner.

Let's ditch overwhelm and chaos together and say hello to organized brainstorm and confident planning!


Your Planner

So you've decided that this is the year you host your first live event.


But where do you start?

Just imagine...

  • ..brainstorming in a more organized way

  • ..creating a simple-to-follow plan

  • ..launching your first live event without pulling out your hair

Wouldn't that be nice?

Not only would it be nice, it's possible!


There is a better, more strategic way to plan your first live event other than a notebook full of disorganized notes, a Trello board and a hope and a prayer.


A Master Workbook & Planner

For Your First Live Event


A comprehensive resource to help organizers brainstorm,

plan and launch their first live event with ease.

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