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Ignore what everyone else is doing and create a unique experience for your attendees.


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You're a Strategist.  Designer.  Photographer.  Marketer.  Coach.

"This is the year I'll plan a live event!", you say to yourself.  But where do you start?  It seems daunting.  So many moving parts.

Let's look into the future.  Imagine brainstorming in an organized way, creating a simple-to-follow plan and launching your live event with ease.

Seems easy right?  Planning doesn't have to be difficult or complicated.

There is a better, more strategic and profitable way to plan your live event.

A Master Workbook & Planner
For Your First Live Event

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If you're a first-time organizer and need support with creating a unique live event for creatives, I can help you with that.


I'm Makeda, founder of Events Unlocked.  I help my clients create unique in-person experiences for their attendees through focused intensives and comprehensive planning.

Let's ditch overwhelm and chaos and say hello to organized brainstorm and confident planning!

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