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Hey there, first-time organizer!

Don't put your live event on hold any longer.  Overwhelm and difficulty can be avoided.  Planning a live event doesn't have to be difficult nor overwhelming.  There's a better, more strategic way to plan.  So, you can either...

Remain Confused & Overwhelmed

  • You're frustrated by the many moving pieces and unsure about where to begin
  • You copy what other organizers have done instead of planning a unique live event
  •  Or worse, overwhelm has really set in and you quit before even beginning

Plan with Confidence & Ease

  • Brainstorm all of your ideas and wishes and watch your vision come to life
  • Create your simple-to-follow plan with all the decisions you made as a result of your confident planning
  • Launch your live event while being held accountable with dates and details

Plan Your Profitable Live Event is the only live event planning course you need to launch your profitable live event.

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Hey, I'm Makeda, Live Event Educator

Being a part of the event industry only happened by chance.  I launched Events Unlocked in January 2017 and honed in on who I’m meant to support.

And it’s YOU, the creative entrepreneur wanting to plan their first live event.

I understand the many moving parts that come along with planning a live event and I also know that if you don't have organization with your planning, then you're in trouble.

My goal is to make your planning process less complicated and profitable!

I believe that planning doesn't have to be difficult or complicated.  There is a better, more strategic way to plan your live event.


  • Born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago
  • Wife of 12 years & mum of three super energetic boys
  • Favourite YouTubers - Jackie Aina & Dr. Pimple Popper
  • Well-done filet mignon with roasted asparagus.. mmm
  • Currently pursuing building a container home in Virginia

How Can I Help?

Plan Your Profitable Live Event

Planned-with-you course for entrepreneurs planning their first live event. 

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Live Event Plans

Planned-for-you templates for entrepreneurs planing a live event.

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"When I was planning my first retreat I got a little overwhelmed with all of the details and aspects that I didn't realize what I needed. Connecting with Makeda at Events Unlocked made all the difference! She laid everything out in such a neat and orderly workbook that covered every aspect of event planning. Worth every penny! "

Kay K.
Life Coach

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