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$1001 - $1500




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The Web Design Chic Inc.




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Day rates available. Transportation and lodging additional. No per diem.


"Elizabeth is a dynamic speaker who always engages the audience in a way that they can relate to. With ever topic, that I have seen her present, she has done a good job of explaining the details and intricacies of the subject that makes it fun and interesting to learn new topics or expand on what I already know. She always injects humor into her presentations and that makes them fun for me to watch." Marv Conn

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Elizabeth Pampalone began her journey into the web design world over 18 years ago. In 2007, She started her first company, The Jax Computer Chic. Elizabeth made it her goal to be one of the most recognizable names in Jacksonville, FL. In 2014, she was named “Queen of Jacksonville Networking” by the Jacksonville Business Journal. During this time, She led 13 meet-up groups per month for almost 2 years. Her volunteering with SCORE and OLLI has allowed her to stay connected to the small business community. She is a frequently requested guest lecturer at the Coggin College of Business (UNF) and a regular speaker at the Small Business Development Center. Speaking is a way to communicate to a vast audience the importance, validity or relevance of a topic. Not everything about owning a business is sexy, but I hope I can make it fun and simplify the overtly complicate world of marketing and business for you and your attendees. When I speak, I like people to walk away with action steps, not just a nice speech.

Topic Details

-Educational - From networking to small business topics to technology and web subjects, Elizabeth is adept at creating a one room schoolhouse effect to engage the beginner to advanced skill sets, at one time. This is my most requested type of talk. -Motivational - Staying motivated in business is sometimes difficult. It takes courage, grit, and most of all Passion! Elizabeth knows the struggle well and will ignite the passion the audience has forgotten they possess! -Comedienne - Owning a business, and Life in general, is often stressful and full of drama. Elizabeth believes that laughter is still the best medicine. She lightens the mood and brings humor, theatrics, and a jovial spirit to any event where she speaks.

Presentation Length

I love chatting, so 2 hours

Previous Speaking Engagements

SBDC - Various Classes on Small Business Topics SCORE - Various Classes for Startups WordCamp Jacksonville - Pricing and Business Structure Creative Brand Summit - Hiring your Team Creative Launch Summit - Social Media In A Day Jacksonville Public Library - The Power of Networking Various Women's Networking Groups - Branding and Client Experience

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