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Hey there, lady!

I see you.  You’ve been working tirelessly to get your foot in the door as a speaker.


You’ve been searching for creative conferences, connecting with event hosts and completing speaker applications.


But you're stuck.


  • You spend a lot of time searching for speaking opportunities.​​

  • You’re intimidated by the more experienced speaker who has monopolized the industry.

  • Completing an application seems like you’re completing an obstacle course.

You want more visibility

Being in front of your community is great but you want others to see you too.  But not the community where your unique personality and fresh perspective is lost.  That's what makes you you.


You want to be part of the community of other speakers where..


  • Organizers can search for you based on your uniqueness

  • You're given a chance to educate a new audience

  • There are others like you

Say no more, friend.  Speakers Unlocked is perfect for you!
Pricing Packages


  • Detailed event listing

  • Listed for 30 days



  • Everything in free, plus..

  • Instagram shoutout

  • Blog post with video interview

  • Listed for 6 months


Not Another Online Profile

Here are the five filters that organizers can use to find you.

Let organizers know what you charge to educate


Let organizers know what state you travel from 


Let organizers know who you mostly educate


Let organizers know what topic gets you going


Let organizers know what type of speaker you are

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You've Got Questions
  • Will organizers post speaking opportunities on your site?
    Not yet, however, keep in mind that each profile will have a ‘contact me’ section where organizers can reach out to you directly.

  • Who can see my profile?

  • Is there a monthly price?
    No.  Our pricing is for 30 days or 6-month increments.


Send me snail mail:

Makeda Mutema-Newton

PO BOX 3364

Mercerville, NJ 08619