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I believe that planning doesn't have to difficult or complicated.  There's an easier, more organized way to plan your live event.

One of the biggest reasons creative entrepreneurs don't plan a live event is because they become too overwhelmed with the many moving pieces.  It's a lot of keep up with.


  • Planning your event without the stress
  • Having each element organized complete with planning prompts
  • Launching confidently with built-in profit

It's all possible and I've created just the thing.

If you've tried planning a live event and gave up before starting, then I created this especially for YOU!




Live Event Plans

Planned-for-you templates that guides you through each phase of planning using relevant prompts and questions that pertains to each planning element.


Each live event plan includes:

  • 5 planning phases
  • 23 planning elements (think Location, Photographer, Budget, Vision, etc.)
  • 2 yearly calendars
  • Lots of space to write and plan
  • Time-sensitive checklists

And if you purchase today, you'll receive a FREE BONUS Budget Calculator ($97 value)



By the way, have we met?

Hey, I'm Makeda!

...Live Event Educator and founder of Events Unlocked.  My goal is to help you plan your live event with confidence, ease and built-in profit.

The only thing between you and a successful live event is organization.  And as a 1w2, It's my duty to give you the organization and structure your live event planning truly needs.

You're gonna LOVE these Live Event Plans!



Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  What if my event is all-inclusive?
A:  Purchase the inclusive live event plan.  Planning for meals and hotel are included.

Q:  How long are the templates?
A:  The inclusive plan is 130 pages.  The exclusive plan is 102 pages.  No fluff, all planning.

Q:  How long will it take to complete the planning?
A:  It can take anywhere from 3-30 days. 

Q:  Do you offer a discount for both plans?
A:  Unfortunately, I do not.

Q:  Do you offer refunds?
A:  Unfortunately, I do not.  Please message me if you have questions.

If you have any other questions, DM me on Instagram (@eventsunlocked), email me ([email protected]) or Voxer me (heymakeda) right now.  I'm probably on my phone anyway.



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