So you've decided that this is the year you host your first live event.  But where do you start?


Just imagine...

  • ..brainstorming in a more organized way

  • ..creating a simple-to-follow plan

  • ..launching your first live event without pulling out your hair


Wouldn't that be nice?  Not only would it be nice, it's possible!  There is a better, more strategic way to plan your first live event other than a notebook full of disorganized notes, a Trello board and a hope and a prayer.

LAUNCHED! A Master Workbook & Planner For Your First Live Event (Physical)

  • Click HERE for the digital workbook.

    Here's what's so ideal about this planner:

    • Workbook section with guided content to brainstorm your ideas
    • Planner section for your final decisions while creating your simple-to-follow plan
    • Includes 2020 and 2021 calendars as your lock in your dates
    • Includes 9-month, 6-month, 3-month, 1-month, 1-week, day before, day of and day after checklists
    • Everything is covered from A to Z

    "I am thoroughly impressed at the attention to detailed steps inside Launched!  A Mater Planner For Your First Live Event. There ere so many steps that I wouldn't have remembered on my own which makes this a game changer for any coach looking to pull off a well planned live event!"  -Sonja Thompkins, Success Coach + Speaker



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